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  1. You may not have to, you may just need help to get back on track. Maybe you need to talk to someone
  2. theres nothing they can do, I don't want to be medicated the rest of my life
  3. Have you seen anyone about it?
  4. as I get older it gets worse
  5. That's not good
  6. my depression is getting worse
  7. I don't even know why I am still coming back here, I only have 130 post after 15 years, no awards, nothing to show for
  8. That's a real shame
  9. seeing this is the last of the original forums I belong to, everything else is gone
  10. Fair enough. I did message Mike but he didn’t reply
  11. yet to hear anything, but I don't think I'm gonna take it back seeing as I have been rarely active here since I joined back in 2004
  12. any word
  13. ok
  14. I will chat to him
  15. I've pm'ed ferfire the day he took my status away, but he still hasn't responded back
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