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  1. AL Journal is your place place where you can write details about yourself, what you did, can even spam. Whatever you feel like writing, it is yours. As long it doesn't violate the rules of AL or the rules of the section you can write whatever, as much or a little as you like.
  2. f u can
  3. can tou tell bout AL journal in detail okay, cause i saw ppl here in journal write bout anything. i mean just anything they want like. i also want to make it, but i dont wanna do bullshit in that so plz guide me a lil
  4. Any time.
  5. sure, thanx
  6. Welcome to AnimeLeague, I am a Head Moderator with Anime League welcoming you to the site. If you need help getting started or learning the rope feel free to send me a PM. Could even Pm if you just wanted to chat or would like to become friends.

    Have fun on AnimeLeague.
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