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  1. I think I shall Probably look in to buying a DVD box set or something From the flashbacks in Shippuden it does look pretty good ^_^
    I pretty much fight with anyone atm x) There's so many characters to choose from Playing as Tobi is hilarious though XD I'm also doing the story Just trying to get ahead of it on the Anime first.
  2. Get on it man! Gets so carnage if not slightly predictable. Probably should of watched that first heh nvm it's a lot of flashbacks and character building.
    It was more down to having perfect timing. If you missed you couldn't sub-out after IIRC. Both have perks. I'll happily use anyone tbh I enjoy kickin ass with less commonly used characters but I'm only doing story atm. You?
  3. Yeah, I've not not finished the Pain Arc Still got quite a while to go until I catch up. I've not seen Unleashed though, should probably get watching that one as well >3>
    Substitute whenever? o.o That sounds like it would be rather annoying, I'm nearly always able to get out of my enemies combo's with a substitute x) Although I could imagine being quite hectic. Who's your favourite character to play as?
  4. Sweet Have you watched much of the show? I agree with you tbf but that seems to be a common issue throughout fighting games unless you are one of those Gods types. Yeah again i agree. I think they've gone for lengthier combos to make up for it so as people substitute it sort of blends together a bit better. In the old ones you could substitue whenever which lead to some ridiculously awesome fights that took off into the air.
  5. Oh? O: I'm quite new to the Naruto world, so I never played any previous Naruto games. It does seem a little spammy though XD But I guess that is sort of how the fights are in Naruto x) It's still very fun though. One thing I did notice was that there isn't much combos, like maybe about 10 combo's? But they're all unique though so it's still pretty cool.
  6. Yeah just my luck to find a few people that have it to yet they are on a different console >.< Yeah it seems good so far, I like the legend/hero thing. I've played pretty much every other Naruto game to some extent. Of the ultimate series: NS1 was amazing. 100% that. 2 Weren't so good but I thought the free roam was the best aspect. Haven't properly played generations tho.
    Personally i wouldnt bother with online, they just spam a bunch of ultimates and things get boring quick. In 2 most people played as either Minato or Itachi. Gets old quick. Maybe 3 will have resolved this, doubt it though
  7. Ah man that is a shame =( We had a couple of people wanting to play some Ninja Storm together >3< It's a pretty awesome game man Defo worth the buy. I've yet to play online but the Ultimate Adventure (Story) and Free Battles are pretty epic You enjoying it so far?
  8. Yo! Fraid not Only got it today not far through yet. What did you think?
  9. Greetings Neisan! What do you play Ninja Storm 3 on? Xbox 360?
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