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  1. Will do : )
  2. let me know if you do end up going bud ^^
  3. hahahaha : )
  4. Muahahaha
  5. You evil! :3
  6. No worries pal it was only a little tease ^^
  7. It's not that easy : (((((
  8. Either way I was gonna tell you it was silly >.<. Make new friends!

    I'll high 5 to that although it does sound a bit off lol
  9. From AL ; )
    *high five* GO US STALKERS!
  10. Haha I too am a stalker so you won't get that one past me!

    Do you mean peeps from here or friends from RL?
  11. Hey hey Neisan ; )

    Man, my stalkerness has been caught fur once ;3
    LAC.. urmm.. not sure, depends if a bit of people I know, go! D :
  12. Yo Mally! I saw you looking at my profile ^^ I'm Neisan, nice to meet you dude.

    Are you going to LAC?
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