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  1. Hmm. Daizo, to be honest, probably, in his own sense of twisted loyalty, would probably take Priest and torture him to see if he'd spill the beans on Nao's private life. Y'know, see if the guy is "worthy".
  2. So. Since I'm sure Daizo is going to find out about Nao and Priest, would he request Priest for payment for the next Poker Game? Or would be use the information for something else? o.o
  3. ^_^
  4. Noel is so freakin cute ;o;
  5. ^_^ Look forward to it.
  6. I figured. ;] I'm enjoying their development. Jiro will eventually get his head out of his ass and Noel won't even have a choice to run hahah.
  7. XD I don't get to play uke often so this is a treat for me.
  8. Well, I do wanna steal Noel too and put him in my pocket. To pet and protect.
  9. I'm glad. Apparently dominant seme's are my niche XD
  10. I < 3 Priest
  11. Sounds like a good choice to me ^_^
  12. I debated it, but wasnt sure if it would be going the same speed as Jiro and Noel, soooooo decided on a seperate one.
  13. ^_^ IT's all good. Just used to similar SLs being in the same thread, but it's all good.
  14. Haha it's fine. Next time I will. Lol
  15. Oh I didn't realize. Shoulda told me XD
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