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  1. Priest? I put up the thread, unless you wanted it combined with Jiro and Noel, thheeeen I can move it. o.o
  2. So when did you want me to introduce the new chara?
  3. Sweet~ <333
  4. I'm all for it hun. I'll post the profile in thread and you can kick up that SL whenever.
  5. Heeeeeey. Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying our posting marathon. XD
    And I wanted to see if you wanted to play a seme for Nao Ryunnaga. Since he can't go around flaunting he likes to be dominated, he is a closet sub that when it gets too much either has a secret guy or goes to a club that conceals his identity.
    If you want to and have suggestion, totally open for it. : P
  6. Of course. : P
  7. Suffering makes it sweeter? XD
  8. Oh the sweet suffering of Jiro. Haha.
  9. Woot!
  10. Nope, that's fine. ^^
  11. Moved our thread to a private one to keep from two-waying in the open thread. Hope that's good with you.
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