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  1. Onee Chan. How are you?
  2. Indeed, it's one of my favorites... :3
  3. oooo. That sounds good.
  4. Angel food cake!...
  5. aww. Thanks. What cake was that anyway?
  6. You don't have to steal the cake...
  7. *lurks and steals cake*
  8. how's everything going at work?
  9. I'm glad to hear it!... :3
    I've been pretty good thanks...
  10. I've been very good thanks. How have you been?
  11. Yay!... :3
    So how have you been?...
  12. Awww, I'll hug you anytime. *hugs*
  13. Nothing, I just wanted a hug... XD
  14. *is laid out* What did I do?
  15. *pounces onii-san*... :3
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