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  1. That's ok. I suppose I can forgive you.
  2. Sorry
  3. 0.0 That's just not good enough.
  4. I won't be at the London meet unfortunately Although I do all AL conventions, I only do the Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield meets (and sometimes Manchester)
  5. I offer free hugs whenever you want them. I'm probably coming to the next London Meet.
  6. oooo. Orihime is having a Birthday?
  7. I hope you rest well!
  8. Yeah. I'm feeling the same. I'm just about to log off for the night and get some sleep.
  9. I'm pretty good, just tired tbh
  10. I'm good thanks. How are you?
  11. How are you?~
  12. *waves back*
  13. *waves*
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