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  1. sim city, sim tower, roller coaster tycoon haha
  2. I know what you mean. It is rare that I play PC games anymore. But I usually go back to the old classics.
  3. oh I do play PC games
    sometimes lol, not too much time for them anymore
  4. Computers in general or do you like playing PC games as well?
  5. computery stuff really, programming running servers etc
    i love hanging around awesome people though c:
  6. I have a few hobbies. anime, music, the occasional writing, acting and hanging out with awesome people.
  7. haha thanks its nice to meet you though =)
    what are your hobbies?
  8. Anytime. If you ever need someone to chat to just holla.
  9. Aw thank you, I try to stick around =)
    My real life is quite busy so I don't have much time to spend online unfortunately
  10. This place is a fantastically nice place and it is awesome to have you around.
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