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  1. join? o:
  2. so then when are u join
  3. Good girl! lets focus on making Pirates a poplar place to hang out. x3 Treat it like you treat CL!
  4. haha ok sounds good, ill do that ^^
  5. Missy!
    You need to do some advertising for the Pirates in CL. I think it might be a good way to get some more poeple to start posting and be more active. Is that at all possible? Talk your friends into it. x3

    I also added you to my box. I forgot to reply. D:
  6. anything u wantXD
  7. What would you like it to say my dear? :3
  8. kitty!!!! i wanna be in ur little cute drop box :O
  9. haha ok sounds good ^^
  10. Ill make the bath. You bring that wine
  11. ohhh take a nice hot bath with wine
  12. I must just be to stressed out to get better x3 Thanks!
  13. still sick? how come? ur cold and fever didnt go away yet?

    good luck on ur finals!!!
  14. Trying to post more. Still sick and finals coming up
  15. kitttyy!!!!! youre back <3 how are u?
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