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  1. ive been hooked on cod zombies XD
  2. I've been replaying all the Uncharted games since the fourth one is out in two months time How about yourself?
  3. so have u been playing any games lately? theres some goods ones that came out ^^
  4. I know the feeling...
  5. all right, getting really fed up of certain things tho >.<
  6. I'm doing ok hun, yourself?
  7. haha same here XD so how are u doing?
  8. I'm on semi-regularly atm
  9. b-b-b-ut i dont see you online :O
  10. I didn't go anywhere?
  11. where did u go?!?!?!?!? :O
  12. Then you can put your feet up
  13. yay!!! cant wait to be done for the day XD 1 hour left
  14. I will do
  15. you should try oatmeal chocolat chip, its really good
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