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  1. What I like about you is how friendly and kind you are, and that you introduced me to jojo’s I’ll always love you for that.
  2. if I can, I can but if I can't then I'm just gonna have to post in other sections and earns some more
  3. Oh thats annoying I hope you can get your points back somehow. I'm not gonna get it I just wondered how you managed to change it
  4. you have to buy it from the AL shop but be careful cos it's really buggy at the moment. I've posted in the Bug thread about it but I lost like 1000 AL points because it purchased avatar width 3 times but I only clicked it once
  5. How did you change your title thingy to Neperator? :O
  6. Okie dokie, cheers sweetie.
  7. Helloo, okay I sent him a pm about the creative arts & writing group tell him to check his inbox!
  8. hey alex, just a quick one but it seems @Drewbe232 has been wanting to talk to you but he's struggling to use the forum.
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