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  1. I'll try pm you my Facebook :3 also if you have Snapchat mines pixiemix27 :3
  2. No i don't have you on Facebook, apparently I'm not one of the cool people in your life!
  3. Do yo have me on fb? They will be on there and omg! I really wanna go
  4. Oh thats awesome! and I'm sure they do a LOTR one, just in New Zealand

    take lots of pictures so you can show me!
  5. noo the studio tour in london i went ages ago but going again with uni ^^ im so excited! love harry potter just wish there was a LOTR one D: hen my life would be complete ~
  6. your going to see Harry Potter? the new stage show or?
  7. Heh, its fine, chat is insanely bad on my iPhone so i know the feeling
  8. Hey hows you sorry haven't messaged back my chat doesn't work to well in my phone sorry
  9. watched a few friends play smash bros and seen a few good friends i havent seen in a while ^^ then went to a club that wasnt that great XD i'll talk to you in chat ~
  10. Hehe, did you do anything fun or just drink? :3
  11. indeed was an alright night though :3
  12. Awe no fun
  13. i sobered up pretty quickly, boo body
  14. What if I am?
  15. You jelly?
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