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  1. We love you! We are your fan club
  2. I can't promise anything though I do truly appreciate the positive vibes I've been sent from the gang!
  3. Never leave us ever again!
  4. That will cost you 50 shadow bucks. Or one shady favour... *WINKYWINK*

  5. I'll take a shadow doughnut and shadow brew
  6. Shadow food? Well, I've got shadow-filled doughnuts, extra dark flavoured. I've also got a nice hot mug of shadows brewed nice and shady. Then there's that dead baby.
  7. What kind of shadow food do you have?
  8. I'm nice and comfortable lurking here in the shadows. There's my shadow armchair, there's my shadow flat screen TV, there's my shadow cup of tea. I'm keeping an eye on all of you with my shadow binoculars.
  9. good how are you??
  10. D'OH!

    *Dives into a bush*

    How're things?
  11. I SEE YOU!
  12. XD Yeah I don't want to come between those claws!


    (But don't tell Faithy or she'll gut me like a fish)
  14. Moon walk with your next date XD
  15. Waaaaaaaaat! Did not!
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