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  1. by the by, having skimmed the blog I can't entirely disagree, bearing in mind I am of Japanese descent myself, with Don Burelson. At least on the point that Japan shouldn't have an army. Regardless of the past, current modern day Japan is increasingly veering towards the right often with a fundamental hatred of the Chinese or other neighboring eastern countries, so Japan having military power at this point could be disastrous.
  2. of course, it would be an honour
  3. It's an experience.

    Say, could you proofread something for me?
  4. villains monologue... quite challenging because its so specific. and you're trying your hand at writing a novel? brave, ive tried numerous times and failed miserably on each occasion, probably due to my short attention span. ninety pages of a4 was the longest i ever got to and that was with the motivation of fans on wattpad.
  5. I don't know, let me check the theme.

    I'm trying to write a novel at the moment, we'll see how that pans out. I've never done anything like that before.
  6. By the by, are you entering writing of the month?
  7. There are a lot of things with baccalaureat on the end though I still don't know what it actually means. Either way its a lot of pain and suffering all for a pretentious "education with a global perspective" which sounds like a nice turn of phrase but if you actually think about it, if you truly had a global view you wouldn't be able to notice all the little things which are what matter.
    Low unemployment is a positive of communism, i assume it then grew exponentially in the proceeding years as the social structure fell to the chaos of development and political change. Nazis tried to train dogs to speak.
  8. Yes, I am entirely sure it is International Baccalaureate. I have a lot of friends in that program though I am not in it myself.

    Hm... The Russian unemployment rate in 1992 was 5.2%.
  9. Hmm are you sure its the "International" baccalaureat because I'm about seventy six point five percent certain that the entire basis for that thing is that its the same scoring system wherever its applied hence making it globally applicable. Trivial fact of the day (though barring anime related information I only seem to know the sort of little known fact that is in fact actually quite well known) Romans used to hire professional mourners to cry loudly and beat their chests in despair at funerals, a similar custom is still quite prevalent in Korea.
  10. Well we have IB at our school as well, and as far as I know it's based out of 100, so I supppose it's different between different countries as well?

    Oh, I love knowing useless facts. It gives me a sense of false superiority that I can apply to myself when I feel depressed.
  11. You might dismiss that piece of trivia now as something small and irrelevant but who knows when it might come into significant use (though i admit that if you find your self in a crisis where only the knowledge of the uk and IB grading system can save you then you're probably beyond saving in a much wider holistic sense) moral of the story being treasure trivia.
  12. How divine.
  13. The standard alphabet system is the norm here across the pond, as you say. but i go to a school which pretentiously does the international baccalaureat with its needlessly convoluted system hence the grading is out of 7 (i know of no other system which marks things out of 7, its really an odd number to choose)
  14. Well, hopefull you get an A or whatever mark of exemplary work they use across the pond.
  15. Its really not... im done... huzzah.... towards the end i had to delete and rewrite sentences because i caught myself writing none sense, partially asleep.... its 5 30 in the morning, school starts in three hours and i have to leave the house in 2 but im done done done! free! ... just needed to share that sense of victory/achievement with someone and everyone else seems to be asleep.... god i envy them
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