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  1. GOD I hate London too, especially driving in it, it just frustrates me. Like it's really flat here, the end of the road I used to live down there's some fields and if you get there at the right time you can see the sun rising off the horizon it's Lion King flat here (with out the big rock and mountain bit the stand on, just flat) the only things blocking the horizon are houses, literally. My reaction to 'Twmbarlwn tump' *WTF, What! Just, What! Huh.* Though that reminds me of Naruto and Lion King!
    'One day Naruto all of this land will be yours to watch over as Hokage'
    'Even that dark bit over there that Sasuke is standing in?'
    'No Naruto not that bit'
    'But I want Him! I meant it...'
  2. Haha I'm not really a fan of cities either especially London, give me the countryside any day You totally should!! Where I live is flat but it's like in between two mountains, actually it's more like there's a mountain which ever way you turn My favorite one's called twmbarlwm tump and it has this drive you can take up it called 'the scenic drive' and there's a place right at the top where you can park and you can see the whole of the area I live in, it's like my favorite place on earth
  3. I'll be sure not to tell my Dad that if you translate them they don't actually make sense, else I think that would annoy him even more I don't normally like cities (hate them to tell the truth) but I actually quite liked Cardiff I might go travel around Wales one day, I love countryside and vallies (though I don't like walking up and down hills and vallies, I live in a very flat area, you have to travel several miles to a hill I can't actually think where the closes hill is)
  4. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Haha yeah it annoys welsh people too, I don't really mind it fun fact about welsh road signs though if you translate them in to English most of them make absolutely no sense, it's like the welsh got really lazy and just use google translate yuh huh it's st.davids ahh don't be fooled by the fancy-ness of the Capitol once you leave Cardiff it's pretty much like any other place really like where I live is completely different to Cardiff but that's because I live in the vallies and I'm surrounded by mountings and trees and nature and stuff it actually really pretty

    61 days to go!!!!
  5. It was awesome, didn't get to spend a lot of time there (I went to see James Blunt ) my Dad didn't like that everything was in Welsh as well as English, but I really liked that and Cardiff was really nice, went to, is it St. Davids shopping centre thingy?, and it looked so much nicer and fancier than Peterborough
  6. I didn't ask though how was your trip to wales?? Aside from having to pay for carrier bags
  7. Yeah fast food restaurants do it too, which is kinda stupid since they're made of paper and you cant really reuse a paper bag so why should you have to pay for it, it's silly but congrats on getting the odd free bag
  8. They tried to charge us for a bag at McDonald's! I thought it was just supermarkets :O and they ended up giving us one for free anyway as we said no to the bag and then had to park in bay order, so they brought it out in a bag
  9. Have fun!!!! Also 66 days to go!! x3
  10. I'm going to Wales!
  11. Yea I got my phone back I kinda demanded it back, I couldn't cope
  12. haha you got your phone back then?? so close to 50!!
  13. Hehe mine says 69 today hehe made me giggle this morning
  14. 69 *sniggers* DAYS UNTIL ALCON!!! xD
  15. Yhep Though if it turns out bad I'm really sorry x3 85 days!!!
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