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  1. Hey hope your good looking forward to a reply on World cries
  2. haha i dont like doing that either, ill add that you were still shell shocked to one of my posts hon. But they do need to have words clearly hehe
  3. lol, not a problem - maybe edit one of your posts to say that she got knocked out or something, so you had no choice >.> i wont cry 'godmodding' ;D
  4. Quite a fair bit, but to sum it up, mission was succseful, on evac jamie crashed, we picked up him and got to the warehouse ready to get out, More soliders turned up, we kicked more arse killing half the patrol by rolling a van through them (sabers idea clearly) got P1 to back us up then all got away safely with 0 casulties. Saber sort of took commanind in your absence, Hope you dont mind, feel free to punish him .
  5. Haha, thanks love ^^ Did I miss much?
  6. Welcome back
  7. haha no worries, I dont like writing for other people parts so if i can i just sort of jump ahead and give them the oppotunity to fill in the blanks. like me dragging valencia out of there and also about helping James or delta. Does that make sense?
  8. Haha, well, give me a chance to post first then ;p I may be on AL a lot, but I don't have a consistent enough time to actually write a decent post in my RPs until after work, hence why it takes a bit for me to reply. But, yes, it shall be quite entertaining to see what unfolds between them.
  9. haha sounds like a can of worms that might be worth opening just to find out what happens
  10. Haha, yea - it's a possibility ^^ be forewarned - she's quite the volatile type when it comes to any sort of relationship, whether it be a good or bad one
  11. looks like there might be some bad chemistry between Valn and saber what do you think ?
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