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  1. heya mate i just started a warcraft 3 based rp if your interested?
  2. hehe maybe, well i got a few ideas for an anti cyber team, naked either rook, or knight team
  3. Yeah that's cool. Just don't want it to die y'know.
    I have a good feeling if I can pull the story off we can make this legendary.
  4. yeah sorry been workign a lot over the weekend but also i thought i would let some else post for a change not a lot i can do until the debrief is over
  5. Are you busy? I'm just checking people if they are still posting in "When the world cries".
  6. Ok cheers bowsey just thought i would check before getting stuff done
  7. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, cybernetics....
    Deus Ex Human Revolution- Mega cybernetics augmentation game, was set in 2027. So in 2021 we could have new cybernetics.
    Maybe not as advanced but I don't see why you can't have a shot at it.
  8. Hey mate, What is your opinion on Cybernetics for When the world cries before i go getting a cyber eye and cyber arm??
  9. Welcome Sabre. To the resistance.
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