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  1. where I work and what I do

    Im going out to dinner and drawing
    also I did, its been uploaded to my devientart
  2. Just to clarify, I didn't mean you spilling more about your job specifically. I meant just stuff about you in general. It's easier to talk to you if I know more about you I won't pry into anything you want to keep secret don't worry.
    How's your week going? Any plans for the weekend? Do you think you'll make a step by step guide for your followers?
  3. devientart and facebook are main areas

    I can't tell you, and talking to me more won't have me tell you on that front
  4. Ah, I suppose that makes sense. I guess one of those other community followings is DeviantArt since you must get a fair few anime fans commenting on your work?
    In my case this is my first time properly being part of a forum and thankfully everyone's nice so I'm sticking around. ^^

    Because of your job? I didn't think engineers were particularly secretive. :p Unless... are you actually a secret agent or spy or something?!

    And does that mean if I talk to you enough you'll happily spill more?
  5. ah I occassionally read peoples posts

    I tend to perk up more if I'm reading up for an event, but I have posted once in the creative art section
    places like this I just do the odd bundle since I have better community followings elsewhere

    haha mysterious~ my life is one where i cannot tell all because of my job etc. so I tend to be secluded and don't spill too much unless people ask
  6. Haha I don't blame them
    If you don't mind me asking, do you just read other people's post when you come on here?
    I'm not judging or anything, I'm genuinely curious. I'm just surprised you don't post anything is all. Do you prefer just reading?
    With your artwork you could probably make a thread in the journals or creative art section and get a lot of interest (and get to know people as a result).
    Sorry if that comes across as nosey or something like that - I don't mean it badly at all. You just come across as kind of a mysterious person (though nice ofc ) so I'm trying to understand you a bit. ^^
  7. yh i check maybe once a day

    ahaha thanks, people want a step by step now lol
  8. *pokes*
    I see you're still popping on here at least.
    How are things going?
    I saw your latest artwork you posted on Facebook. Impressive work as always!
  9. I dob't tend to no, if I do the game is extremely nostalgic to me
  10. Hehe yup it's from a PS2 rhythm game called Gitaroo Man.
    Each one of the tracks in it is a different style of music and I really like most of them (playing it and just listening).
    Do you listen to much music from games at all? Or does it put you off if you know it's game music (which seems to be the case for a lot of people that like mainstream pop music and such I think)?
  11. hey~ guitar seems nice on that, but I can definately tell its from a game
  12. Hope you had a nice weekend!
    Had another random thought of music to share, though this ones a lil different (since it's from a game ^^)
  13. My weeks been boring, no weekend plans
  14. Oh I see. Would you use music as well for inspiration?
    I can kinda see SPIKA fitting with a couple of your pictures at least.
    How's your week been? I'm so glad mine's over... Any weekend plans?
  15. hehe thanks!

    oh I mean personal computer folders
    I collect art and photos that I like and use them as inspiration and motives to improve
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