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  1. hey chris im good i am still active on here ive been so busy and very ill just getting back to normal tbh yeah that sounds good yep i have facebook just look up lydia atkin the pic i sent you is my facebook profile pic so you should be able to find me easily
  2. Hey Lyida! I am very well thank you and yourself? Are you still active on here? I don't see you post anymore Still pretty hectic here, going to and from Wigan all the time hehe. Which reminds me, shall we organise that meet up once and for all? Do you have Facebook?
  3. hey chris how are you i havent heard from you in a bit ive been busy as usual between work and coursework lol hows things going in your life
  4. hey chris im alright i understand that about being more active online i can imagine finding time is especially difficult when your travelling all the time ive had a busy week this week myself
  5. Hello! I'm very well thank you and yourself? Apologies, I need to be more active here me thinks but finding to time is often difficult That said, I am in Wigan again this week
  6. hey chris hows everything going
  7. Nicely done Lydia! Congratulations!! What's next for you? Another qualification? Work is really busy and I'm frequently up staying in Wigan at the moment. Hopefully things are about to calm down a little so here's hoping for a little more spare time soon. Do you still frequently visit this forum?
  8. hey chris its fine ive been busy with work myself and courssework ive now finnished my level 4 in health and social care how is work
  9. Hey Lyida! I am very well thank you and yourself? My apologies for not being around much, I have been crazy busy away for work but things have calmed down now so I am back and active again How is work?
  10. hey chris long time no post just wondering if your alright lydia
  11. hey chris im doing fine just been busy myself tbh between work and coursework its ok i understand why you have been very busy hows work been lydia
  12. Hello!! How are you doing? Sorry I've not been around much, have been extremely busy with work but things have just calmed down again now so I return hehe. Hope you are well! Chris
  13. hey chris how are you and how is work going as you know im off for the next two weeks till the 13th so if you want to meet up any time between now and then let me know what days you are free so we can arrange something im going to see family during the next two weeks aswell my sister and my nan so i will be very busy and occupied how are things going in your life atm how is the studying going
  14. hey chris i dont think i added you on facebook not that i can think of anyway nothing is coming to mind on that anyway how are you and how are things
  15. im well and always busy with work lol how have you been and hows work
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