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  1. Well thats good that you are enjoying it!!
    Haha I don't blame you tbh, you do what makes you happy!
    You creeping on my insta? XD Aww thanks :3 It has boosted my confidence so much and helped me in so many ways.
    I am so glad I started cosplaying.
  2. I'm a Digital Marketing Manager for a business consultancy firm I handle all of the digital marketing and plans for our clients It's an awful lot of work and has been a steep learning curve but I'm definitely enjoying it
    Yeah, gone a bit crazy and cannot be bothered with the whole 'mortgage game' or 'rent' anymore. It seems almost impossible and pointless to even try now. If I'm going to spend 650-700 a month in rent, I'd rather build my own little home, buy some land and enjoy my life
    That's awesome! I had noticed your constant stream of content on Instagram and the costumes look great. I'm glad you're really enjoying it; it's great when you find something that makes you really happy and you can continually do it Kudos to you!
  3. Oh what do you do now then? That sounds pretty awesome! I'm jealous haha.
    Wow building a tiny home? Good luck! ^_^
    Yeah I've just been trying to go to every convention I can thats pretty close by lol
    Cosplaying just really makes me happy :3
  4. Another change of job, weekends exploring different parts of the UK, plenty of photography and video editing, same old same old! About to start my most ambitious project yet though... building a tiny home hahaha. How about you? Lots of conventions by the looks of things!
  5. Thats good!
    Aww thank youuu ^_^
    You been up to much?
  6. Not too bad thanks Loving the cosplays
  7. Hey!
    Not too bad thanks!
  8. Hey hey! How's it going?
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