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  1. *meeps and paws up at you while trying to reverse the pin*
    aww... sorry to hear that
  2. *Turns and tackles playfully*

    Awesome! Glad you have plates for your car.
    Wish I could say the same, I'm having car issues.
  3. yus... but now I has plates for my car!!!

    *chases tail happily*
  4. *Growls playfully moving tail out of way*

    Yuck I hate dealing with DMV
    You end up being there almost allllll day
  5. *paws at tail*
    car related... dmv is horrible... gotta go back today x.x
  6. *Grins tail swishing*
    Being busy is never any fun
    Work related??
  7. *yawns wolfishly*
    allo, been crazy busy... but I just got rid of a bunch of it ^^
  8. *Waves a paw*
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