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  1. I currently work nowhere, that is one of the things I am working on, life sucks lol, how was your summer?
  2. i work at a security company and you?
  3. haha I see, I've been just doing the same, trying to pull my life back together, step by step im doing it
    where do you work?
  4. just working a lot XD not coming here that much and u?
  5. I'm good ^.^
    up to much lately?
  6. good u
  7. hiiiiiiiii how you doin???
  8. right? the nerve of some people!!!
  9. XD
  10. yeah ):
    and I have to deal with it
  11. yea its tough everywhere now,
  12. Yeah I sure hope so >.<
    its so tough x.x
  13. awww well im sure ur going to find something interesting
  14. still no luck :c
  15. haha so u still have no luck with a job?
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