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  1. haha i think youd beat me within the first few turns
  2. too bad I can't load my existing decks into it >.>
  3. ohh nice! i know we had a sale, it came with packs and stuff for 20$
  4. haha yeah it's adventure time
    oh and I saw the magic 2015 game it's just $10 but I would like to see it on sale
  5. ohhh thats why i couldnt find it ^^
  6. its shared with vespy >~<
  7. ohh nice, i didnt check if u had one :O ill need to go see XD
  8. so far it's journals ^.^
  9. haha cool. whats your fav spot so far?
  10. aw man I forgot I was going to check D: I'll go do that >.>

    I'm getting around ok ^.^
  11. ok sounds good

    how are you enjoying this forum so far?
  12. haha I cant believe I didn't think of that XDD
    I should see it I'll check in a bit ^.^
  13. Really? Well If you go on my profile you can see the games that I play. Let me know if you see it
  14. 2015 huh >.<
    I didnt see that one D:
  15. magic 2015
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