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  1. Oh I'll tell you if I get it, and which version do you own?
  2. aww ok, well if you get it id love to have someone to paly with
  3. ah I have a whole box of them >~<

    huh, if it was paid I probably don't, and don't have the money on hand to pick it up for now I'm sorry ):
  4. oh, i dont have physical cards

    you have to pay like 10-20$ to get the game. well around here anyways. i dont know if its the same in your area
  5. My cards are old relics that are physical cards >~<
    I think I -may- have it but not sure, was it a free game?

    Is it good? ^.^
  6. nice!! do you have it on steam? maybe we can play together

    echo of soul, i just downloaded it and was trying it out
  7. I do indeed, I have tons of magic cards ^.^
    What's echo? o.o
  8. yess , so you know it?
  9. the gathering???
  10. haha ok do you play magic? or echo?
  11. No worries, I can wait for a while ^.^
  12. oh thats ok. btw i might not always answer , my husband plays too XD
  13. I see that, I must warn that I'm very flaky replying but will get back to you when I see it >~<
  14. got it
  15. cant seem to find it >~<

    well here's mine:
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