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  1. I wish
  2. Hey Grace, I hope you're okay.
  3. Good!!
  4. It sure is. at least I'm finally picking myself up and trying to push forward and am trying to make myself useful lol
  5. Business is the key to happiness~
  6. Totally the opposite of mine lol I'm rarely ever busy, though I've been kept on my toes these last few weeks
  7. My life story :p
  8. Well I'm glad everything went well for you at ALcon so I'm happy for you. but yeah dealing with more stuff after all that sounds like it sucks...
  9. Had fun at Alcon and then came back to a million things to deal with xD RIP me
  10. Oh, right
  11. I’m fine. Just been stressed
  12. Are you okay?
  13. Hi..
  14. Hey Grace
  15. What is it?
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