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  1. Hi!
  2. Chlobo!!!!!
  3. thank you
  4. Hi Chlobo. Happy Birthday!!!!
  5. Happy birthday!
  6. Yes, yes I am.
  8. Thanks darling. I just had a nice chat to my friend Pim on Skype.
  9. Merry Christmas!!!! I hope that you have a brilliant day with all your friends and family.
  10. I'm about an hour and a half away on the train.
  11. So you don't live far? That's good then. I've never been in a hostel before so it will be interesting.
  12. oooo. maybe I'll get tickets but I wont stay at a hostel. I only live a couple of train stops down the way.
  13. For London Anime & Gaming con. Going for all three days and staying at the hostel too.
  14. For Japan?
  15. I got my tickets!
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