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  1. She thinks people don't believe she's real. So she's questioning lot of things an it got to her yesterday.
  2. I've already spoken to her. Jade knows she can trust me.
  3. thanks, think it's Jade whose having problems.
  4. throws the hand of trust your way. All you have to do is grab it.
  5. *Lurks*
  6. *hugs back* Thank you.
  7. ok *hug*
  8. Nothing really. I was just feeling a little bit depressed that's all. I've pulled myself out of it though.
  9. Sup?
  10. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I can't stay. I don't feel trusted, I'm scared of being targeted again and I don't think I can be of help. I'll miss ya.
  11. How are you?
  12. Hi Mewski
  13. hihi
  14. I was able to go home same day so went well I'm still in discomfort but I have pain relief for that!
  15. Did you have your surgery next? If yes then. How was it?
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