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  1. I like to see rent paid on time lol
  2. time to give you my monthly luff
  3. You silly Beex
  4. Yep I see now. I really forgot I changed yours first.
  5. And if you check on your own profile page you can see who changed it to "awesome" :0
  6. It was from those biting threads when I did it.
  7. Nevermind lol
  8. Where's that button at? lol
  9. You made me bitey. If you click on "status changes" it shows you who did what
  10. Wait. Did you trade our moods? Or were you always bitey?
  11. >________>

  12. Did you change my mood from bitey to awesome? I don't remember doing it lol
  13. Luv you too!
  14. Luff you beexie!

    That is all
  15. Perfect. You do that and I will try to use the force.
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