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  1. Great to hear from you. Missed you too!
  2. Just dropping by to say hi. Missed you bb.
  3. So nice to see you around
  4. Miss you too! And yeah I'm still here. Stepped down from modding but it's still getting finalized.
  5. Hey babe. Missed you. Glad you're still around so I can say hi.
  6. Yeah, I always recycle through the holiday sigs you made or me. And I know, it sucks about Beex I still miss her a lot. Do you think you can make me a Beex themed sig. I'll hunt down some pics of orange cartoon cats til I find a close likeness. Just let me know if you can.

    Oh and it's great to hear from you. Hope your holidays went well.
  7. Aw. You used the old xmas siggy. Sorry to hear about Beex cat.
  8. Arigatou Beex-San... my heart goes doki doki, etc. <3
  9. Happy very late birthday. I remembered at least lol
  10. D'aww! Thanks, Rob. You're too sweet. <3
  11. Happy birthday! Have a fun time. Next beer's for you
  12. I did! Sorry it took me so long... Haven't been play much DS lately. My favorite villager moved out of my Animal Crossing town and so the motivation is bleh. But yeah I would love to play pokemon or something. Still gotta buy it though. Lol good to know my mii is spot on.
  13. I noticed you're confirmed in my DS friend list. Now we just need matching games so we can battle. LOL Oh and your mii looks like you.
  14. Yeah I figured you wouldn't mind hehe.
  15. You stole my banner. Cool! I used a generator to make it though LOL
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