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  1. Thanks. I haven't done much today, but I am hoping to do a few things soon.
  2. Happy Birthday Yomi
  3. Oh man. Looks like I have something to dig into in my inbox. I plan on getting to work on a response. I would now. But work won't let me do that... The nerve of those people... when I get off work, I will see what trouble I can get into just for you. XD
  4. It's all good. I was worried maybe I was maybe little too overwhelming. I have to watch myself when it comes to that. It's all good. Life happens and the holidays are a part of that. I figured I would check on you just in case. Glad to know you are still with me though. I am just trying to be careful not to go too much too fast. I still have much I do not know when it comes to you, so I have to be mindful of such things.
  5. Hey Ken! No not at all! I've been super busy this weekend with family and work! Your message is super long and I'd like to read it thoroughly instead of sending a rushed reply Tonight is the first free night I'll have had in about 4-5 days so I will check it out properly then. Just gotta get through my work day first Sorry for the delayed response!
  6. Oh hey there! I figured I should check on you. I didn't overwhelm you with that PM sent did I? I didn't mean to if so. >_<;
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