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  1. I get that from time to time too. Usually I get that more if I use the tablet. It has gotten a lot better for me over time now compared to how it was. Amazingly, we have a group in this small town and we get things done. We have Mewtwo on farm mode. Community Day is fun though. It should be Squirtle next weekend and we may get squirtle squad. Much excite!
  2. My Pokémon go can't seem to ever find a gps signal
  3. It would not surprise me. Everyone does sooner or later. I mean I still play Pokemon Go even though I think it has been deemed uncool now despite a lot of cool stuff being added to show how uncool I am, but I am still a pokemon master no less. In fact, I just caught 3 shiny Roselias today. 2 of them are mine. One I caught for someone on here. That makes me a nerd doesn't it? Nerd alert! NEEERRRRRDDDDD!!!! No I will never get a date for prom... XD
  4. I think I already do..

    Just kidding!! XD
  5. These are the important questions in life that need answering like what is the meaning of life? What exactly happened to the dinosaurs to drive them to extinction? And what happened to the radioactive spider that bit Spider-man? Because I want kick ass spider powers too. I feel like I need to know proper Capri Sun pouch dating etiquette in case I ever find that special lady that requires me to know this thing. It could be make or break for me. I don't want my soulmate to slip away because I didn't know what to do. That is also the difference between being a ladies man and some loser that can't get a girl. Something tells me that you are going to regret engaging me in my nonsense. XD
  6. Now you're asking the real questions
  7. They sure do. I like when I mentioned how one coworker looks like a Kool Aid conissuer. I could imagine him saying he prefers Hi-C. Capricorn Sun is the good stuff and only reserved for dates. If that is the case how does that work? Do they both grab a straw and share the same pouch, or do they share the same Capri Sun? Or separate pouches for both? I have to know these things...
  8. It's the real world...they need to get used to it
  9. I should, but I know I crash and burn sometimes. Unless I go savage. Then feelers get hurt and somehow I am the bad guy... I don't care if my coworkers get it. They deserve that for making my life miserable. It's ok if they are special ed man children right? XD
  10. have faith in yourself!
  11. It is good to know I can amuse someone these days. I was beginning to think I was losing my sense of humor. Try cracking a joke and then have Homer Simpson yelling "BOOOOOOOO!!!! BE MORE FUNNY!!" in my head as the jokes crash and burn.
  12. They ruin everything! why do they have to ruin everything?! They even ruined the carpets!! Why would they do that?!
  13. Millenials!
  14. Don't try and tell them what to do despite having the power to do so... They might go tell on you to the boss because you hurt their feelers. It has gotten so bad that I feel like I need to go to the top to resolve the problem try for a new job. They are a bunch of man children that have not grown up and realized that it isn't personal.
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