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  1. Yeah normally Christmas should be a happy time for everyone. Unfortunately, it is not a fun time for me. It will be nice when things slow down and I can take time off again. It was disappointing in that I thought I brought it, but maybe not. Maybe I will get a response out of the blue still. I guess we shall see. Either that or things have changed so much that I have become out of touch. It's one of those two things I imagine. XD
  2. I think December is a stressful time for everyone. The Christmas spirit is supposed to somehow balance it out? Not sure xD People who are preparing for Christmas are already stressed, and then people who sell Christmas are double stressed. Too bad, hopefully January will be easier. Making friends is probably harder than working in December! I hope you'll try again sometime, anyways! Might turn out better this time.
  3. It has been hectic. Christmas time sends work into overdrive making it even more stressful. It kind of runs the holidays when you see how much advertising goes on for the holidays to get to get people to buy. It kind of ruins Christmas for me. Otherwise on here I have been in lurk mode pretty much. I did try and step out , but I think I may have missed when reaching out to someone I have not met before. That always stings a little.
  4. I'm so surprised people remember me, I barely remember myself half the time. xD I do remember you too, though. I have been pretty good, really. How have you been?
  5. Oh hey! I remember you! How have you been?
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