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  1. Another four hours or so, depends on when the plane actually takes off.
  2. Yuuup lol how long are you in AZ for?
  3. Right on, see you in another 3 years, then.
  4. Same here! I'm vacationing at my parents in NY and came back as well due to the boredom. Funny. I go back to WA on Friday so that will be that
  5. Vacationing at my mom's in AZ, which is part of why I was bored enough to come back. You?
  6. How are you
  7. To the windooooow, to the wall!
  8. Let the love affair commence!
  9. <3
  10. well growing up in NY my mom warned me against other boys so you're good!
  11. Didn't your momma warn you about guys like me?
  12. You know I just luff you sooooooo much
  13. Don't be tryna use your wiles to get me postin' here.
  14. <3
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