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  1. I mean I personally like him already! From what you've told me yes we'd get on like a house on fire
  2. That's fair. I can think of three more: I'll be back before midnight, The uninvited, and the wild boar of chernobyl (which was just on at the matchstick piehouse theatre here in london). But it's still not very many. Though I'm such a scaredy cat, that's probably plenty for me. hahaha! I really think you and my hubby would get on famously. I just wish I could talk him into playing on AL.
  3. Yes exactly! I can only really think of two, ghost stories and woman in black (I don't count murder mystery plays )
  4. That was the hubby's assessment perfectly. He thought it was ok, but didn't agree with all the hubbub. But overall he was just pleased to see people trying to do scary on stage. He is of the opinion that there is a lack of scary theatre.
  5. It was good thank you! Not as scary as I expected but I thought the staging was really good
  6. No But We might be able to next week. How was Ghost Stories?
  7. Are you able to see 9 to 5 today? if we're both in theatre land today maybe we might pass paths!
  8. Oh man don't we all
  9. Ooooohhhh. I want to move to Japan!!!!
  10. New passports are stille xciting! The last time someone told me they were going to the embassy, turned out they were moving to Japan
  11. Oh it's not that exciting. I just have to get my new passport, but I'm still excited because it was so much faster than I was expecting!
  12. Oooh what are you going to the embassy for? Sounds exciting!
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