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  1. haha you'll pull your hair out soon enough, I just yesterday spent the whole day wondering why a regex library worked differently on different operating systems
  2. yea XD so far i havent done much but im hoping that soon ill be able to do some more XD
  3. its fun right? and shoehorning things together, programming is the duct tape in that case
  4. ohh nice. i just like the programming, making it work a certain a way and figure out why it doesnt ^^
  5. That's pretty neat, is your favorite thing to do game programming or is it something else now?

    I got into programming when I was a youngin, enjoyed manipulating the windows that popped up and then I started really enjoying all the mundane little things that happen behind the scenes. I got introduced to API calls in a rather interesting way as well, as the APIs I was using were helping me to tear at the windows operating system and had some really humorous visible effects. I guess what interests me now is natural language processing
  6. honestly i started because i was doing quality assurance for video games, but then i wanted to do more. so i just passed a course for computer programming. but i love to work on computers and also love the fact that i will be able to create a program from start to finish ^^

    what do you like about it?
  7. Oh neat I know plenty of that, what interests you about programming?
  8. im going into computer programming ^^
  9. Anything >.<
    what you changing to?
  10. back at work but changing jobs on monday ^^

    wat sort of work you looking for?
  11. nah I'm not back to school, I'm looking for work, you?
  12. haha XD sounds about right. glad you enjoyed it though! are you back at school yet?
  13. And to top it off everyone else wants to do everything else too and you know its impossible for so many people to do this many things
    and yah I really did enjoy, I do have an amazing fam
  14. lol hopefully u enjoyed it still XD

    i find these times are very stressfull cause u try to fit everything in the small amount o time XD
  15. Very holidaylike, stressful, lol
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