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  1. or send me urs if u want, i have the app ^^
  2. Ok I will when I get to my desktop

    hehe I'll check it out
  3. yes add me

    search for ThePage its a pic with a kull and a bird

    if you want, you can get sims 4 on special but thats only if you want lol
  4. oh I have sims 3, and ya I do have steam, do you want to add me?
  5. i believe its sims 4. ohh do you have steam then?
  6. oh it takes a while to get everything back >~<

    lessee, I have most of the games one can dream of, I got them a while ago, so yeah D:

    Oh I love the sims it's addicting though >.< which version do you have? :3

    uhhhh neither just random people play lets plays of city builder games and base builder games >~<
  7. well we just got a better pc not too long ago, so far i dont have that many gaems on that

    but i want to get final fantasy, besides that we play cod, gta5, diable, pretty random lol but lots of shooting games for my husband haha

    oh yea and sims!!!!!!!!!!

    when you say youtube you mean like music videos or movies? or both? XD
  8. What video games ya play? XD
    hmm I sometimes play video games but haven't been keeping up with that D:
    otherwise I just take a walk or watch something on youtube XDD
  9. hmmmm, id say my video games atm XD you?
  10. What's your favorite thing to do when you're free?
  11. nice to meet you too!!
  12. Thanks for the friend request it's nice to meet you ^.^
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