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The Cold Winters.

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The Cold Winters

I remember like it was yesterday, how cold it was like it is now. I remember the snow was falling on that day, the wind tore through skin and clothes like they were paper. It felt as if we had nothing on at the time. But I know we did. Because I was wearing the jersey my mom bought me before she died and I will never forget that.

My Story begins back in 1988 The Maples had won the Stanley cup and I had just started school. My name is Tyler Cross and my momís name is Joyce Cross. My mom drove me to school every morning at 8am sharp we werenít allowed to be late not even once. But we were late on two occasions, mom just brushed it off and it said ďoh well it happensĒ. I remember it started snowing in November and weuse to love the snow. Me and mom use to have snow ball fights with next door neighbours kids, it was so much fun.

Itís now November 1992 and itís snowing again only this time my mom isnít here. My mom died in July 1990 of pneumonia, it was the worst day of my life, I was placed in a orphanage with ten other kids,I didnít make friends well, I kept to myself I didnít want to talk to anybody, I just wanted to be alone. I was adopted in 1991 to a family called the Niles. My mom Emma Niles, my dad Jack Niles and my sister Ellie Niles. Upon my adoption I was moved to a new school in Denver, for some reason I found it easier to make friends at school than at the adoption house I only one friend though her name is Katie Banks. We both had similar lives with a few minor differences, differencesí being her mom is alive but decided to abandon her and she was placed in foster care like I was unlike me she was able to make friends and socialise better than me. Girls are always like that though.

Itís now April 1995 and Iíve been here in Denver for four years, Iíve gotten better at socialising and I have more friends, my parents helped me get out of my shutting people out state by telling me that even though my real mom has died, she is still watching me from heaven and theyíre right so from then on I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started talking to people more. Remember my friend Katie? Well we decided to become best friends for life, we even wore matching bracelets that said Together forever, for always.

Itís now 3rd December 1996 and the start of my real story. I remember it was sunny yet cold day but not as cold as it is now. We lit candles at home by the fire place, my sister was laughing because my father tried to tell a joke. We always laughed even when they werenít funny. My brother is on game boy playing Tetris, I wasnít much into games I preferred TV, Books or playing outside when possible.
10th December 1996, my mom likes watching Christmas movies and they were showing a movie where a girl wishes to meet Santa. After the movie my mom asked everyone what they would wish for. My sister said she would wish for sweets and clothes. My brother would wish for that he could finish school with good grades and my dad said he already had his wish. My mom asked what his wish was and he said he wanted a loving family with happy kids and beautiful wife. My mom then turned to me and ask what I would wish for and I honest I wished that I could see my real mother one last time to tell her I still love her. To which my mom said. Aww, you mom knows that. I just smiled and nodded.

Itís the 24th December 1996 and my mom has sent us all to bed, with the usual leaving of cookies and milk by the fire place for Santa, of course we all know he isnít real, but itís tradition we havenít stopped doing it.

That night I fell straight to sleep with no problem. I had the dream. My wish had come true; I was able to see my real mom again. I thought it was one of my basic dreams but now I donít think it was. Because I could smell her, she came forward and spoke to me, She said donít worry Tyler, I havenít forgotten about you either. I am always with forever. She hugged me and said she had to leave that her time was up. I woke the next morning with smile on my face. My brother had come in and asked what I smiling about. I told him everything; he said it was just dream. Maybe he was right, like I said; I donít think it was a dream.

It is June 2003, Iím getting married to my best friend Katie. He went to the school prom together and since then we kept in touch. I decided a year later to call her to see what she was doing. I ask her to meet me for dinner and she agreed. Since then again he didnít lose contact, we were going out each other weekend, watching movies, eating dinner, we even went on holiday together and that is when I decided to ask her to marry me. At first she had her doubts that it work, she said we were good as friends and she didnít think it would be a good idea. But I convinced her otherwise.

Its December 2003, Me and Katie are living together, happily married, I remember we were sitting in front of the TV and the same Christmas movie from before was again and Katie asked me the same question that my mom did and said, I wish for a happy life with you, in turn I asked her what her wish was, She said she wishes she could have a daughter. That night we fell asleep together on the couch and I had a dream again but this time it wasnít happy. I was standing at the bass of coffin and inside was my Katie. She had died in child birth but my daughter had survived. I woke up the next morning in tears, I didnít understand why I had such a dream. When I pulled myself together I saw that Katie wasnít with me. I thought perhaps she was upstairs and I was right. I walked upstairs to find Katie on the bed and walked over see face, it was so pale, I felt her hand and it so cold. I checked her heart and it had stopped. I dialled 911 and asked for an ambulance but I was too late.

ItĎs now September 2005 and Iím living on my own. My parents come by from time to time to check up on me, see if I need anything. I always say that Iím fine but the truth is Iím not. I lost two people I dearly care about and I donít understand why. I still donít understand today what I did wrong. I donít know if I upset God or something like that. I always said to myself that Iím being punished.

Itís not April 2008, Iím volunteer worker for the hospitals, reading for children and spending the day with them. I met this little girl who likes me but I stay away from her. I focus my attention on the other kids, playing and reading to them. One day Iím in the hospital and little girl whispers in my ear. It wasnít your fault. And a tear came down my face and ask her what she was talking about and she said, your wives death was not your fault. I looked at the girl and walked away. I didnít want to hear anymore. I got home that day and cried myself to sleep. Next day I woke to a phone call, it was the hospital. They said that the girl wouldnít sleep; that she kept asking for me, I said would be there. I got the hospital the doctor showed me where she was, the hospital had moved her because she making too much noise for the others. I went over to her and asked what was wrong. She said nothing I just want to talk to you, I couldnít and I explained my fear to her, but I donít think she understood.

Itís January 2009, I still visit the hospital and talk to the girl. She still smiles when she see me, I havenít gotten myself attached to her yet, I still keep my distance, fearing that what happened to my mom and Katie would also happen to her. I decided that year to quit the hospital and do something else. I got a job doing Administration work for coffee shop. It was small coffee with only me and four others. I donít go to the hospital anymore.

Itís December 2010, Iím at home watching Christmas movies, The same movie from then was playing again now and I asked myself what wish I wanted and I said, I wish for nothing, I said donít want anything. That night I had a dream again, this time itís my funeral and Iím standing there, my mom is next to me, Katie is on the other side me and the girl from the hospital in front of Katie. I looked at the girl and she waved and said Hi Daddy welcome home.

Tyler Niles/Tyler Cross had died that night of pneumonia. I remember I had a smile on my face because my wish had come true. I was with my mom, I was with Katie and we had a beautiful Daughter. Everything we wished for had come true.

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