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General Products - Space Catalog

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I put these together a while back for a game I came across.

General Products "Tin Can" Destroyer

Designed for "head-on" warfare, presenting the smallest possible target to the enemy. Its appearance however sometimes give it more 'unflattering' names.

The forward-most section is the superstructure, 1 meter thick armor plating, sloped on the edges to deflect missiles and directed energy weapons, giving it a "pie-plate" appearance. 32 vertical-mounted missile silos and a spinal mounted "Hellbore" rapid-pulse plasma laser cannon.

The Habitability section is the primary crew compartment, a rotating cylinder to provide positive gravity. The central innermost deck is the Environmental Deck, containing hydroponic systems for growing plants for food and atmosphere replenishment. The middle and outer decks are for crew berthing, galley, medical deck, offices and primary storage.

The Lifepod Section contains eight 52-man life pods in mounting collars.

The Hanger Section contains two large compartments for shuttles and other small craft. The central deck between the two hangers contain tanks and pumps to remove the atmosphere before opening the hanger doors and returning it when the hanger doors are sealed, as well as access to the aft compartments.

The Engineering Section contains the ship's Ion Plate drive and fusion power plants, as well as ship repair shops, storage and auxiliary control compartment.

General Products 52-Man Lifeboat

Overview: Lifepod drop-design for use by large vessels. 52 seats plus room for two stretchers over the central circulation vent. Supplies stored under the seats and behind the seat backs of the outer ring. Primary entry via overhead hatch, two escape hatches on either side of pod.

Defense and Offense Capabilities: external hull - 15 cm steel-titanium alloy to protect against radiation, debris and micro-meteors.

Support functions: Life support for 54 people for up to two weeks. Battery-supplied power with solar panels for recharging. Emergency escape hatch areas double as privacy nooks for basic external venting zero-g toilet and water fountain. Elastic-corded privacy curtains and wet wipes provided.

Motive Power: Two 2-minute burn solid rockets, one used to eject the pod a safe distance from the stricken ship, the other for atmospheric insertion. Maneuvering thrusters, primarily intended to stop tumbling and facilitate recovery. Lifepod is equip with parachutes and inflatable airbags to cushion a planetary landing.

Computer and Communications: Distress beacon/lights and short-ranged radio only. Minimal control hand unit that plugs into a basic instrument panel.

Crew: 1 Coxswain

Deployment, Performance, Future Development: Refurbished lifepods can be reutilized as homes and offices in remote locations.


General Products MicroCabins

General Products understands that personal space is at a premium on board ships. Instead of bunk rooms for your crew, consider the MicroCabin. Prefabricated room (2.1m by 2m by 2.3 m) containing bunks (0.6m by 1.9m) and storage lockers for two crew members.

Each bunk has its own light, control panel with built-in alarm, storage niche for personal items and a display unit mounted at the foot of the bunk.

While most installations have separate bathrooms used by all passengers and crew, General Products does offer a luxury layout version where two MicroCabins share a basic bathroom.

Lightweight Crew Berthing Racks

Three "Coffin-locker" style crew berthing, so named for the narrow space provided for sleeping. The bottom and middle berthing bunks have a lift-up lid the mattress sits on. Lifting the lid allows access to the locker contents. A central drawer allows for quick access for essential items. The top rack requires a separate locker. Handrails and foot rests are added on each end of the berthing rack to allow the occupant of the top bunk to climb up or down from his berth.

General Products Medium Combat Shuttle

S/VTOL armored shuttle with canard wings and stern ramp for passengers, vehicles and general cargo.

Cockpit contains the pilot/copilot stations, communications/navigations station and flight engineer station, as well as combat seating for four people. Access under the Co-pilot station to the forward avionics bay in the nose, and just aft of the fight control consoles is the floor hatch for accessing the equipment bay.

The Habitability section has the port and starboard universal airlocks, two restrooms, and two food prep areas for long-term occupation. In deck hatch for accessing the equipment bay.

The 45-foot-long Cargo bay has combat drop seating on the port and starboard sides for 88 passengers and their personal equipment. Cables are strung along the overhead to allow the passengers under zero-g conditions to access the forward sections of the shuttle. Cargo on pallets or vehicles are secured in the center of the bay. Special rails in the deck allow cargo to be slid on and off the craft via the stern ramp, suitable for air drops.

For small ships who have no hanger capacity, a special 'loading dock' module can be installed to allow the shuttle to connect at the stern.

General Products "Angel" S/VTOL Medical Shuttle

Using the same hull as the GP S/VTOL Medium Cargo Shuttle, this flying ambulance provides 24 "bunk-bed" style medical berths for transporting wounded, as well as three small surgical bays for treatment and seating for 18 medics in the cargo bay, as well as two patient monitoring stations in the cockpit and four more seats for senior medics.

Use of the Stern docking station developed the Medium Cargo Shuttle allow for rapid transfer without having to wait for atmosphere from being pumped out of a hanger, securing the shuttle, sealing the bay and pumping the atmosphere back in.

General Products Excursion Transport

This refit design converts a standard S/VTOL Medium Combat Shuttle into a more comfortable transport for twelve passengers. Cockpit auxiliary stations can be configured for weapons control or other purposes. The forward section of the shuttle's cargo bay has been modified for habitability. Eight single-seats for landings and takeoffs, twelve bunks for sleeping. Central table for conferencing and meals, with mounted swivel seating or basic bench. The stern bay has been shorten to 25 feet for holding vehicles and supplies, with lockers and work benches along the sides.

Primarily intended for the mercenary market, it has also made inroads in executive transport.

General Products "Evil Eye" Ball Turret

Intended for defense against meteors and fighters, the "Evil Eye" ball turret is equip with quad-mounted "pom-pom" guns. Can be operated by a gunner inside the turret or by automated control systems.

General Products Mk. 2 Universal Weapons Control Console

This universal cabinet, available in single and dual display, allows for controlling many different types of weapon systems by inserting different control modules. Shown with standard trackball; joystick and mousepad versions are available.


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