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Creating a password you can remember

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Everyone has their favorite quotes from movies and tv shows - so why not use them to make a password you can remember?

  1. Pick a favorite movie/tv episode.
  2. What date did the movie/tv episode come out? (Check IMDB)
  3. Pick your favorite quote.
  4. Turn your quote into an acronym. Keep all proper capitals.
  5. Convert to or add special characters.
  6. Add the year or date of the movie.

So, to try this out:

  1. Favorite Movie: Casablanca
  2. Release Date: January 23, 1942
  3. Favorite quote: Play it again, Sam.
  4. Acronym: PiaS
  5. Convert or add Special Characters: P!a$
  6. Add the year or date: P!a$1942

(Yes, I know Rick never actually says "Play it again, Sam" - it's a famous misquote.)


  1. Favorite Anime: Ouran High School Host Club
  2. Release Date: April 4, 2006
  3. Favorite quote: So..You're a girl?
  4. Acronym: SYag
  5. Convert or add Special Characters: SYag?
  6. Add the year or date: 2006SYag?

If you use one of those password journals, you could use the initials of the tv show or movie in the password line for the site as a reminder of which movie it's from.


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