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Yeah. So Natwest declined my loan app, without telling me.

Reason? The stuff they told me to provide that would be acceptable, is not acceptable. I have to have had work pay into my account for last three months. I have had for two years with the same company.

When I applied I fully explained the situ, thus gave the tailored documentation they said was needed. Was also told I was low risk for rejection, so given the situ it was advisable for me to proceed.

And it turns out most of what they said was lies. So no loan to cover getting somewhere to live, thus homeless next Friday. Would have maybe managed to barter deposit/initial rent payment delay by a week on house we planned to rent, given in's barely habitable condition - but it's gone as of yesterday.

So now desperately applying for another loan, via for poor credit scorers (though my score is just shy of excellent to my knowledge). Unless we can get somewhere to give us keys a week before I can pay deposit/1st months rent when I get paid, we need to get jsut over 1000 together to get somewhere before Thursday afternoon.

So yeah.... Not having fun at the moment.
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  1. ~Mog~'s Avatar
    omg Kimi, that sucks.

  2. Fizzicist's Avatar
    I would have been very surprised if you had gotten a loan with Natwest, since they're owned by RBS they're very stingy with lending right now. My advice would be to try and go with whoever you've banked with for a long time. Additionally I would suggest actually getting a copy of your credit report just to see what's on it, there can be things you've forgotten or genuinely had no idea about. You can get the report for free from Experian (Now I sound like a bot ).

    It is annoying when they outright lie to you like that though. Did you do it in branch or on the phone?
  3. Pirate TimeLord's Avatar
    Natwest is the only bank I've ever used. :/ And experian.. well... they charged me for two years, confirmed at the end of this that there was a bug with my account so I can't have received the service I paid for, including two full reports paid for specially. And they refused to refund any of it, claiming there was no proof, despite them stating it was visible on their system this was the case. :/

    I did it initially by phone, with handing in documents in the branch. However, I may be able to get somewhere. If I can get 1k, and a guarantor, there are a few large 1 bed flats available that don't do fees or credit checks. So it'd be me in the bedroom and Mark in the lounge or summat. Just need the guarantor, and as soon as signed original paperwork is in the office, they can do checks on the guarantor there and then, and we can get keys same day.
  4. Fizzicist's Avatar
    Bloody hell, I hadn't realised Experian could be so bad. I know it's probably not high on your priorities now since you probably want somewhere to live more than anything, but once this is sorted you should check out Trading Standards to see if you can get your money back from the company. Alternatively, you can call Natwest between 9 and 5 to lodge a Visa Debit dispute since you never received the service you paid for.
  5. Pirate TimeLord's Avatar
    Sadly, Natwest didn't start rolling out visa debit until three months after I cancelled the service., so I cn't claim through that. :/. And yeah.
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