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Smegging Raging

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So, in a u-turn of emotions at the moment, I've gone from depressed to furious.

My room here, as far as I know is the only bedroom without a lock. And someone decided it would be 'fun' to go through all my CD's and games, and switch the discs and sleeves between them all.

After an hour sorting it, several are missing, a couple scratched. Amongst the missing are a couple games that are hard to come by, since they were part of the limited run sold out software does for a couple years after the original company stops making a game. I don't play them often, but when I do I enjoy them. But it's not worth the effort of me finding them and paying for them now.

More infuriating is potentially the same prankster deliberately smashed my spare computer and the parts inside. This in itself is around 200+ worth of damage. It's blatantly deliberate, as you can't accidentally smash to pieces the perspex case side window into tiny pieces. Nor can you accidentally remove the side, (unscrewing the case screws to do so) take out the box with the components and snap the motherboard in two, damaging the processor in the process, and bend/otherwise damage the other parts that were being stored until I got round to upgrading/ building up the basic computer as a backup, or to sell off.

Neither can you accidentally buckle the metal of the case itself where the 3.5" drives slot in.

So whomever it was - thanks. Last thing I needed was this when I was about to start packing whilst simultaneously trying to avoid homelessness. Since whomever did it, did it either just before or just after Nen left, since that was the last time everything was in order and intact. So they also knew we we struggling to get the lease/ had failed to get it, depending on when it happened.
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  1. VickyAngel's Avatar
    the hell man,that's insane! hope you find out who did it .
  2. ~Mog~'s Avatar

    if its any consolation Kimi, they say bad luck comes in 3's, i think you've had your 3 now so things can only get better. at least i hope so xx
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