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A Traveller's Chronicles

Vroooop. Vrooop. Kerbang!

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What the smeg was that? Having finally found my TARDIS, and used it, all I did was set the home coordinates (space and time), and the console started going all explodey and flashy and stuff. And things.

After a somewhat rough landing, and a lot of time sorting stuff out, it appears my base space/time locale has moved somewhat. A brief jaunt (or rather, many.. many jaunts) reveals the new home of the Pirate Timelord to be 28 Sweetbriar Road in Leicester. Sadly it seems me housemate has been lost. Dunno iof he'll find his way back, or if he even wants to. Though it is a shame nearly 400 of 360 & PS2 games, and DVDs went missing with him. But hey ho. Maybe they'll turn up i the future.

But yeah, it's been hectic here, but getting settled more or less, with a few additions and such being done over next couple weeks. But a home is a home, and it beats being on the street, which asides from this place was the only possible option I had whereby myself and Mark could feasibly share (since sharing a bedsit would most definitely have not been cool. Unlike Fez's and Stetson's) and could afford. Unfortunate he refuses to see it that way, instead choosing to believe I've been conspiring against him for months to move out on my own. Which given I moved down to Leicester mainly to share a house with him and Tom, is a ridiculous notion. Not to mention I would have moved out months ago if I had even considered thinking of the idea. I did what needed to be done when no other options were available or offered when he text me he was moving his stuff back to his parents. Regardless of how long or short a time he planned to be there, it still left me homeless either way, and without him in Leicester to do viewings while I'm working, nothing can or could have been sorted. Yet another point he won't accept or listen to. Instead choosing to claim I've never done any cleaning for months (I've cleaned up after myself every time I eat, and do all the washing every time he's cooked. Even if he's only cooked for himself and Kayleigh). Based mainly, I believe, on the fact after Nen left, everyone decided to clean up when I was at work, and thus couldn't help even though I wanted to. Though I still gutted the kitchen, doing all of it except the floor. Plus his ludicrous claims that I am now an active outrageous pervert who proactively tries to grope any female in any room I'm in, despite this never happening, ever, to the point noone wants to be in the same room as me. As if that's likely.

Still, only time will tell what will end up happening.
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