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A studying Pirate? What on earth?!

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Sooo... having browsed the Open University site for a while, I've registered to study with them, starting October. That is, once they sort out an issue with my details matching several entries in their database, apparently O_o.

If there aren't any major issues, I think it will be fun. Essentially, it's the same course I planned to study here at DMU (one of the reasons I moved). Only DMU messed me about, since I'm a 'mature student' having been out of education for a few years, and would be over 25 if applying now. When I did apply for starting this current academic year, I was specifically told not to complete my UCAS application until after my interview with tutors. So I didn't do the final personal statement and reference parts, all that was left to do.

Interview went well, tutors were happy for me to join up. But by the time my interview happened, DMu had already over-offered and thus closed all UCAS apps, so I couldn't apply, as I had to finish mine to do so. So because I did as they said, and they fecked up, I couldn't study then. And now with fees going up, I know I can't afford to with them, since I have to pay my first year's fees up front, as a student with past funding support. And if I did apply now, I would be over 25, thus would lose the Scottish funding via my parents I'd have gotten, so would therfore not get the 2nd and 3rd years fully covered as if I'd gotten in this past September.

BUT The OU seems to be a damned good way to do the course. Pretty much the same, though I can obviously pick 'n' mix modules, within a selection, to get the same honours degree. Though the cost is much, much less. The whole degree via OU will be less than a single year doing the same thing at DMU. Plus, with my current earnings, I'm eligible to get enough funding to pay the whole of my fees ^^ (for the first year, I can get up to 820 of fees paid. the first year's module is 700). Plus I should get 265 of an expenses grant. With the expenses for materials being 65, leaving 200 to cover things like food, etc, or other debts I have (like my bank overdraft. ^^) Or of course, travel to tutorials, or such. Heck, that'd cover my year's bus pass, which would also be useful for work, which would be a bonus. If I was going to be too lazy to cycle. xD

So yeah, provided there aren't any major hiccups, I'll be starting on getting a degree in October. ^^

Updated 05-02-2011 at 11:15 AM by Pirate TimeLord

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