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    by Published on 07-04-2013 10:56 PM

    The Anime Picture Game:

    ~Post your favorite pictures of anime characters sporting their sexy swimsuits!
    You MUST include that character's name and the series in which they are from

    ~Only ONE picture per post and keep in mind - duplicates will NOT be counted
    You CAN post multiple times, just make sure not to double post
    (when tallying, mods will ignore your post if the same character has been previously posted in the thread)
    You can search a thread for names/titles to check if they've been posted already
    (Just go to the top righthand corner of this thread, click on 'search thread' and enter the relevant criteria)

    In order to determine the winning swimsuit wearers, A&M Moderators will pick the top 20
    best pictures (10 girls, 10 guys) and members can decide their favorite by voting in a poll.

    ~Absolutely NO overly ecchi images! (So remember our work safe content rule)
    If this rule is broken:
    Offenders will receive a warning from staff/possible ban from the Anime & Manga section

    The members who post our winning swimsuit wearing characters will be awarded
    A shiny awards badge, 2,500 credits, and featured article in the A&M Newsletter

    ~Members who post the most pictures will also receive their fair share of credits

    1st - 1000
    2nd - 800
    3rd - 500

    kay, now... HAVE AT IT!
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