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  • Mykalwane

    by Published on 03-13-2013 12:31 PM
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    Dante's Inferno
    Rated: M
    System: Xbox 360

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    Dante's Inferno is hell. It's clunky, hedonistic, want a be of God of War. Outside of the neatness of turning a literary work into an interactive one, there isn't anything worth while. The best moments come from these moments of awe and wonder on how they integrated these ideas. Something that only shows when they stop trying to be God of War, and it is a walk threw hell. In every good or horrible way, it is hell. The most joyous moment was when the end credits rolled, and was done with this hell.

    The walk threw hell is interesting. The best moments come from how this sin is integrated into the world. Though after a certain point, were bored with the idea. Its easy to tell, because its when the game gets boring. Where it excelled visually, soon becomes bland pandering. See how shocking we can be, we have you killing babies. Look tits, vague vagina designs, look dicks. See how dirty we are, cause its hell.

    From that, we have the descent into bad gameplay. The worse thing about it, is its good ideas that have flatten out of any grander. Death scythe for example, this is a weapon gain from killing death. How great is that? Yet it turns into a hammer knife. A hammer with a knife, that is the best you got. Not going to try for something to match the gratuitous of death himself. Well however stupid it may be, if it works maybe it is great. When you see him flopping from one enemy to another, its a wonder to see how it can be a threat. Its not, the best weapon is actually a cross. Which you use to save souls. Well this bag of tricks, don't seem to be cool. What can we do, oh I know we can have magic like God of War. Even that tends to go the stupid route. The orgasmic screams from Lusty boss to shield smash your foes. That be cool when comboing. Which even the slush of killing prove to be nothing but repetitive hell.

    Maybe if it is boring and repetative, it might have cool boss fights. Outside of Death, no. The first bad ass boss fight, making every one else a let down. The Devil himself is nothing compared to that. Just the power of christ with a cross is all you need. Each boss, more and more a disappointment. The hardest thing about the fight with the devil, quick time events. Which come up everywhere. Even to go threw a door, you got a quick time event. Not even the fun kind, the boring you have to hit b button long enough to hide the loading. Even hitting it faster does nothing, and if you just keep hitting it the same you fail.

    A tourchious experience from beginning to end. It is curiosity to see how anyone can enjoy this inferno. It is nothing but hell. Taking on that experience is the only reason why anyone should play it. Any game after that walk threw hell, be paradise. Which may make it a rent to some, just to see how bad it is. Otherwise I avoid that hell.
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