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  • Arya

    by Published on 06-28-2013 12:56 AM

    Best EYES of GD

    Our Best EYES of GD Contest is the search for the best photographed eyes to sum up the atmosphere of GD as the members perceive it to be!

    If you could chose any pair of eyes to represent our beloved General Discussion what kind of eyes would it be?

    Smouldering, like the temper of debate?
    Smooth, and glassy, like casual conversation?
    Sweet and fluttery like a silly thread that just can't take a hint?
    Deep and meaningful, like a hot topic you cant keep your fingers off of?

    GD is looking for any and all of the above for this contest!

    1. Submissions must be made by TUESDAY JUNE 25th
    2. Submissions must be sent via PM to @Arya
    3. Guys and Girls can both enter!
    5. Eyes must be your own!
    6. Faces will be edited out.

    1. All participants will receive 500 Rank Points.
    2. Winner will receive an instant Rank Up, 1,000 credits, and the Best Eyes of GD 2013 Award!
    3. Winning Eyes will be a GD representative in GD events and contests throughout the year… much like a pageant queen to her community.

    GD is going to be hosting a multitude of "body featured" photo contest!
    At the end of our contests, the winning features will be combined into one and sketched by an AL artist to reveal

    Questions, Comments, Discussion - Post them here!
    Concerns? Please do not hesitate to PM them to me - @Arya !

    Our photo contests are meant to capture the spirit, creativity, and fun of General Discussion!
    We encourage you to leave your crankypants in the closet and hope you enjoy this event and others like it!
    May the BEST EYES win!
    by Published on 01-19-2013 11:49 AM
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    3. Community

    Get To Know is a fun game we all adore, but it's begun to lose a bit of it's spark, so this is a new spin on an old favorite!

    How To Play:
    1. Ask questions.
    2. For every 3 questions you ask, you are granted one guess.
    3. Use the answers to your questions to guess the mystery member!
    4. Guess correctly and receive an awesome prize!

    1. The Guess The Member thread (aka GTM) will last one week.
    2. You must ask 3 questions to be granted 1 guess.
    3. No more than 3 questions may be asked per post.
    4. If someone guesses correctly before the week is up, the round ends and the next game begins.
    5. The masked member will receive the password to an account the GD mod team has created for this game. This password changes each game.
    6. The account may not be used for any purpose outside of answering the games questions anonymously. It will be monitored by us and admin closely.
    7. Abusing this account or tampering with its settings will result in a ban. We are trusting you to play honestly.
    8. The account can be recognized as "Who Am I?"
    9. Be honest with your answers. Half the fun is seeing who knows you well enough to find you out!
    10. DO NOT SIGN UP IN THIS THREAD. PM @Baro TO PLAY. This helps keep cheating down and guessing the list of sign ups. XD

    If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please post them here
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