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  • Angelic Neko

    by Published on 01-22-2013 08:37 AM
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    My first Member Spotlight is for a dear friend of mine ImmortalJed. My experiences with Jed have shown me that he has talent, he is a selfless person. Even though he himself refuses to see how good he is, many of us remind him how good he is. This spotlight is to display to all visitors of Anime League just how special he is and the impact he has had on people.

    Interview with: ImmortalJed

    Q: What would you say motivates you to write your poems and stories?

    A: A lot of things, my poetry is mostly emotions and I write them as I go.

    Q: I see that you are a MOD. What section do you MOD? Also why this section?

    A: I Moderate L&W and GD. L&W because it was where I first felt at home on AL. It's full of incredible talent and amazing people. GD I signed up to help out after one of the other mods stepped down, and it's good section to discuss your views on various topics, such as news and current affairs.

    Q: What impact have you had on your section thus far?

    A: L&W, I personally feel not that much. I have a high post count, and I try to review everything that is posted.I try to come up with new ideas for the section too, such as the Camp fire Challenge that we ran on Halloween last year. GD, I've tried to help with new ideas, and I've posted up an Automotive Discussion thread, so people can discuss cars, bikes and motorsport.

    Q: What would you say is your best moment on Anime League?

    A: Hard to say, I was quite proud to be modded if I'm honest that was a pretty big moment for me.

    Q: Is there any advice you would give to those who wish to follow in your foot steps?

    A: I would say that you need to just keep yourself active, be friendly and be yourself. Most of all, be yourself and try to help if you can, regardless of your status

    Q: What are some of your future plans in your section?

    A: Currently working on a cross over event, which is being kept hush hush at the moment as well as a Choose your own Adventure story. Which should be starting fairly soon with any luck.

    These are some of his work:


    There is no honour amongst dead men,
    No chivalry, just false pretence,
    Living a life devoid of emotion,
    Edging towards the final promotion,
    To the position of winged one in the sky,
    A trip to the resting place once we die.

    Thoughts at Dawn

    Sleepless nights in dark Light,
    Illuminated mind filled with harsh rights.
    Time cannot heal all that ailes,
    Unless sleep can sometime prevail
    For the body is weak but the mind is fierce.
    All consuming shadows hit by sunlight,
    It’s morning again,
    I'm welcomed by familiar trends,
    Sleep eluded me once again,
    But that's to be expected,
    Insomnia is my friend,
    The only thing that has remained true,
    So now I tell its loyal story to you.

    Here are some of the opinions of ImmortalJed:

    Mod Shadow’s comments:

    I'd define Immy as: Nice. Funny. Friendly. Smart. Hard Working. Respectable. Kind Natured. Helpful.

    Fondest memory was... when he said yes to being an assistant and convincing him he would do wonderful.

    Q: What impresses you the most about ImmortalJed?

    A: Activity.

    His activity and friendliness has been an achievement in comparison to other mods who had a lot going on. He has a lot going on but he loves the section and that is one way to impress me.

    Mod Ioreth:

    Jed is one of my very good friends on here who I talk to regularly like you. Plus, he is just plain awesome!

    So in closing, it appears he is a selfless person and is open to helping others with their issues and is a very hard working MOD. I dedicate this spotlight to Jed in the hopes that after reading this everyone will see Jed and see his good works. Hopefully Jed realizes how special he truly is and how lucky we are to have him as a friend and MOD in Literature & Writing and General Discussion.
    by Published on 12-19-2011 09:25 PM
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    Interesting RPs:
    Resident Evil
    Being Human

    The Resident Evil RP seems to capture the reality of Cityscape. It is based on a game and story that is very popular among gamers. This RP represents what CS stands for; it’s a casual open forum for people’s imagination to run freely as long as it is within human reasoning. For the beginners this would be the most logical place to start in CS. The Being Human RP takes you down the path of several creatures that we all know very well. This seems like the perfect thriller RP and seems to place a dark veil over what we consider to be human traits. For the RPers out there that love the darker side of RPs this would work wonderfully for you.

    Ranting’s of the writer:
    This issue of my article I present a thought provoking challenge to any whom will read this. I challenge you to make a difference! If you have an idea for a tournament, battle Royal, Scavenger Hunt or even a Party let it be known! Send an email or personal message to a CS mod. The one thing AL thrives on is ideas and innovations. Being constant is rather boring and downright monotonous. So be a Fan! You never know that one big idea could change more than you think. To the people whom read this I thank you. I am hoping that one day I can touch someone or inspire someone. It makes my day to see a person thrive when they are encouraged. This is the greatest reward I strive for to encourage and inspire others to be more than just a name on a site or just a number in life.

    The above article is based off of the opinion of the writer and does not reflect the opinions of the CS staff.
    by Published on 11-20-2011 05:32 PM


    Role-player of the month: Lorekeeper (October)

    Events/Tournaments: No events or Tournaments
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