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    You still at the Uni of Surrey? :p
    How you doing over there? :3
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    *paws furiously at you*
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    Teachers are paid to say that Their job depends on how well their students do after all.
    *cooks waffles*
    Oh... Your parents are separated? As long as one person is organised though, that's the important thing ^^
    Yeah, I get it I guess. If you try to help then you'd likely start being a target too. Odd that he still has stuff like that though that he's bringing out with him.

    Doh, this is going to be three again lol. Oh well, it's been a while, so it's fine :3
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    Tbh I still don't think I'd go to conventions on my own. People don't really come up to me and start talking to me and I'm not good at doing so myself, so I'd just be on my own the whole time... >.>
    Are you much of a gamer too? But yeah you'd definitely like HJ :3
    xP Well each to their own. I'm kinda the opposite usually - I get tired early and wake up early. Or at least the latter - lately I've been going to sleep later but still waking up early and so I'm just tired a lot >.<
    I'm going to be doing another conventional meetup on the 16th of August to see Napping Princess at Odeon Panton Street, if you'd like to join us for that? I will say though in case it's a deal breaker for you that the three main girls that attend stuff are both going to be out of the country so you may be the other girl there... so I won't blame you if you don't wanna come because of that. Up to you though - everyone is nice but I'd understand feeling awkward being the only girl
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    I didn't forget to respond >.> not at all... >.< Sorry I took this long to respond :<
    Though not been in the best shape to respond lately anyway

    Struck by lightning?? o: When did that happen? It's been a long time since I've seen or been near significant lightning. Wish I was - storms are cool :3 Hope it gets fixed soon though!
    Burnt eyelids oO That sounds painful and dangerous... I can't say I've heard of that happening before though I guess it doesn't really surprise me as something that can happen. The worst sunburn I ever got was when I was about 8 I think and I was out with my aunt, granny and cousins. I don't like the feel of cream so I lied about having some on or needing it or something and it was a very hot day. My back was literally crispy after that and I spent most of the next few days lying on my front in the living room >.>
    See? I'm terrifying. You're right to be terrified
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    You should be in bed lil lady ;P
    What you still doing up
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    I shortened it too! :3
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    You were up and hungry at 4:45 in the morning? You night owl you :p
    Aha I see. Shushan... xD
    If you do come out with us and enjoy yourself, you'd be welcome to come out with us to the arcade ofc. I get the feeling some of the others want to try and go regularly.
    Plenty of time to decide. Heck, a vague idea is fine. I knew I wanted to do something to do with computers and that was pretty much it. Now I'm a Web Developer :3 A low level one xD but it's something
    Hehe, feel free to waffle too then. I like having lots to read ^^
    I guess when you're with your parents and you can depend on them to sort things out, then yes. When you're the one that would have to sort things out (like I would), mmm not so fun then

    Aww Dx don't steal his toy cow! How old is he anyway that he had a toy cow and had it there with him :/ I feel a bit bad for him though :<
    That's the spirit ^^ someone who loses learns more than someone who wins
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    Yay :3 hope the peace treaty holds!

    I imagine that's probably quite common for girls given typical women's clothing, so I'm sure other girls that were there must look similarly strange Men only tend to have vests that should expose their chests and most wear those under other things if at all. Aww but the thunder is good too :3 You see a big bit of lightning and wait for the almighty thunderclap! But I suppose if you'd rather sleep.... ;p
    That's fair enough ^^ safety in numbers etc. I'm very scary. You should totally be frightened of me. Hear me roar!
    *lets out a meek meow...*
    But yeah, you can bring people not on here for extra company if you'd like :3
    The Hyper Japan Christmas Market is good. Went last year ^^
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    That the official name? "The Toy Cow incident" sounds so serious lol. What on earth did they do with them all xD
    Ouchies :< Aww, well who's to say that if you hadn't faced them then, you wouldn't have come second right? Nothing wrong with losing to the winner ^^ And yup, as long as you tried your best, then it's all good
    Achievement unlocked: countered Chris' waffling!
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    Yay! Grats glad you had fun. You arsonist xD Can't say I get the reference off the top of my head o:

    The arcade we went to had a drumming rhythm game that had some anime and game music on there too - it was really fun ^^. Nice work with the piano game!
    Well, only two years at the moment anyway. Then you have uni, then it depends what job you get after that really.
    Problem was that I knew already that I didn't want to work in an Estate Agents xD So boring... But oh well, in a good job now at least :3
    Yeah but with me you'll get waffles regularly xD So I hope you can put up with that
    Well I've not travelled much yet so I'd be worried too until I was in the place I was staying and everything was sorted xD
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    Hehe no worries. Did you have to use your phone in the end?
    Ikr? I am just so so classy... xD

    Yeah >.< I get the awkward silences too lol. Haven't had one for a while though. Maybe I'm getting better? ^^;
    I think I may have gotten sunburnt again in the last few days xD Doh! I heard there were storms last night but tbh I didn't even know til people told me at work today. And I went in in shorts so I was a lil worried about being cold and wet on the way home. Thankfully not :3
    Well at Hyper Japan there was a girl who was 18. Though she was a friend of someone off here and I think she's only here for the summer maybe. The next youngest is a girl who's 22 I believe, so not too huge. Up to you though - you're welcome to stay chat in the group and not come out to the meetups - a couple of people in there do that already. Another will be a lot because she actually lives way up north xD
    Aww haha, evil school ;P
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    So the important thing is that if you don't like where they stick you, speak up. I was lucky coz I was shy but the lady did it for me. But they should stop it early and maybe put you somewhere else if you make enough fuss
    History lesson over class! Sorry for the waffle ^^;
    Finland was a nice place, don't get me wrong. Just... kinda boring to me xD Wow, not even hotels? That sounds risky if you get there and couldn't find somewhere to stay :/
    Hopefully. Need to find people to fit that bill first, but... xD

    They did the helium! That's why you should have tried it - helium voices are so funny xD Really random things to steal though lol. Was it a cardboard cutout of a celebrity you like?
    Hope you're doing well since your trip ended. You'll probably need to find a spare 30 mins to be able to reply to all this lol.
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    Oh I hated the first of the two weeks of my work experience >.> or I should say, the first two days. I put down that I wanted to do it in something IT-related. So they put me in an Estate Agents where they've clearly not prepared for me at all. I actually burst into tears after I left there on the first day. On the second day I went to a different branch of the same firm and the one lady that worked there was much nicer and understanding and she could see I wasn't happy, so she contacted the school and cancelled it. The rest of that week I did some data entry stuff at the school itself and that was alright. Then the second week they put me in a components retailer where one of my friends was already doing his work experience too and we made a (very basic) web site for the guy. He ended up paying us too! That week was great
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