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    Well I had some relatives from Australia and London come over to Malaysia a few times. They seemed to make it out okay so I think you'll be fine. Well.. maybe for the most part ^^; They did complain that they needed to get used to the temp. back home after they went back though.

    Hmm.. Sounds cool. I'm thinking about going through all the Iron Man comics. It seemed pretty intense and interesting from what I can tell.
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    Good to hear things are okay for you! And snow? Not had any here yet :/ (although, we rarely do!). As for RL, yeah, just a ton of work I'm currently doing now due for midday tomorrow, and if it's not done for then then I can't go on to the Extended part of the course, which would really annoy me as I wouldn't be able to do the free qualification which would allow me to work in IT Hardware, and also I've already done all the work for an extra course which I won't get credit for unless i get onto the next part.
    Looking forward to Christmas, as I'm in college Mon/Tue/Fri, and in work Wed/Thurs/Sat/Sun - so during term time, no rest! although, if i get onto the next part, they're going to change it so I'm working 3 days a week instead. Doesn't help that the tutors cut short this course - it's supposed to end iin January, but they want it done for tomorrow :/

    But I'm trying to do it all now, tired and tomorrow in college going to be running on caffeine methinks XD
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    haha, a lot of people seem to forget to put the sign on the front of the door - or, accidentally put the sign the wrong way round so that it says 'Room ready for service'.

    No problems on messaging me here; that's fine, and I've been a little absent lately from AL as my life is pretty crap at the moment (everything at once, right?), so I've not seen that thread for a while.

    How about you? I hope everything is well for you.
  4. It kind of sounds nice, but hot weather tends to be killer for me. >_<; I am used to the colder weather more so than the hot weather. We do get hot weather in the summer, but that's about all I can tend to stand. Our weather can be kind of all over the place.

    Marvel is pretty much were I was first introduced to things. X-Men is a big one, I think I am reading 4 titles right now due to the X-Men being split right now and Nightcrawler coming back from the dead. I also have been reading Deadpool, Superior Spider-man since Peter Parker is dead so to speak right now and Doctor Octopus is in his body, and uncanny Avengers off the top of my head for Marvel. I think Loki is still a boy. I know in Siege he died sacrificing himself to help stop Sentry-Void and then came back as a little boy, but I am unsure what he's been up to lately in the comics. Before that he was a woman.
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    We have monsoons here as well as really hot dry spells. So I would say that malaysia is stuck in perpetual spring-summer. It'd be nice if it were a little cooler but you'd have to go to the mountains up for that. And apparently even then, it's still what would be considered normal to warm weather in England.

    I like the Marval comics best I think. Recently my friend got me a comic featuring kid Loki and I've only just gotten around to reading it.
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    That's good to hear. It's started to rain here, monsoon season starting up again with the coming new year. I couldn't even go out today because the rain was so bad. Its just only started to stop into a drizzle.

    I suppose some people just didn't think things through. or have commitment issues. or they're afraid that they'd have to oblige people with answering things they don't want to. It could be a multitude of reasons really but oh well.

    I dunno about you, but I kinnda think that's cool I'm still pretty new to comics but I like listening to people talk about them. It's interesting.
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    Oh my gosh.

    Meh, I supposed some people just don't think things through.

    Also, I have to admit. That is a cool superpower.
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    Oh wow, that must have sucked big time D: glad you made it back okay though. Personally I like the idea of winter but actually experiencing it seems like a whole different ball game.

    Yeah well, I suppose some people do things before thinking them through. Honestly the whole reason for signing up was supposed to be because you wanted to meet new people. But I'll admit, it must seem pretty daunting to some people.

    Also, what superpower did you pick?
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    D: oh my goodness. I'm glad that you at least sound alright. Gosh I'd probably freeze if the temperature went down that low! The normal temperature here is about 30*C which is like 86 degrees Fahrenheit I reckon. Also yeah, I'm kindda bummed that the speed dating thing went flatline after your turn. We had a few active participants but mostlly no one was really into it...
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    Hehe if you want to. While, I do love to shop, I've no money to do so. Would be nice to have a Kindle though. I'm quite jealous. Although, nothing beats an actual book. Call me old school... And yeah idk about the cams. Nothing people do surprises me anymore. So do you like your job for the most part? That is funny I do that sometimes. Derp. Sorry it took me so long to reply.
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    O___O possibility of being snowed in? That sounds awful! (Also, a little hard to imagine since I don't get snow here, where I'm from but all the same, it must be freezing!) And I totally understand the thing about the speed dating thing. It's been really slow and sometimes none of the supposed 'visitors' posts until their turn is over. I just can't understand why they'd joined if they weren't going to reply.
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    Aww Yomi, it's good to hear from you! I've been doing fairly well. Yourself?
  13. Is that right? So should I call you Ioreth the Immortal? Sometimes I think they take the security cam footage and watch it each year for their entertainment just because it would be so entertaining to watch what people will do for that "good deal" they think they are getting. Giving seems to go right out the window. I haven't done too much reading on it just yet. I have gotten some neat apps on it though. Some of those free apps for the Kindle Fire are awesome. I work for the local paper in the distribution end. We got to experience the joy of inserting all those Black Friday ads in the Thanksgiving paper.
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    HA! I was always immortal. Yes, corporations will do anything to make a profit from you which is smart and also very pathetic. For a time of year where we are supposed to be thankful and giving, there are many people whom sure do not seem it. I kinda want a Kindle or tablet of some sort. It's really neat and I love to read. You're lucky. Nah I know how ya feel. I worked once. Need to find another job soon. What do you do again?
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    Oh god no. That would be silly. xD Haha Yomi! I definitely didn't go shopping Black Friday or the day after. It's in the top ten worst days to shop. People think they're getting a deal but it's mostly just a scam. What bout you? Anything interesting going on?
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